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2024 LulaLab Workshops

Taught by award-winning professional musicians and dancers, Lula Lab field trips are offered in French, Spanish or English and can be customized to your students' grade, language proficiency level and areas of study focus. An optional lunch can be served in the student's target language.

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Haïtian Créole

French Créole culture is a powerful medley of sound, dance, food & traditions, influenced by the people of Africa descent and European settlers in the Caribbean. A Canadian-born dancer of French-speaking Caribbean descent, Marie-Paule Jean-Gilles, leads this one hour interactive workshop which fosters a greater appreciation for Creole culture, dance and music while encouraging students to practice speaking and learning in the French language. 


¡Salsa Energía!

Cuban Canadian dancer and choreographer Dailyn Martinez will inspire even the shyest students to join us in exploring the joyful rhythms of salsa. While reinforcing Spanish language skills, this beginner dance workshop gets the brain and body working together. Sabroso!!!


Lula Afrique

West African Drumming


Cuban Rhythm & Song

Delivered in Spanish or English, this engaging and interactive session is taught by the award-winning Cuban Canadian musicians, composers and educators Elizabeth Rodriguez and Magdelys Savigne, best known as leaders of the Juno-award winning group OKAN. Students will learn about Cuban culture, rhythms and languages through an exploration of musical forms such as cha cha cha.

Amadou Kienou, Burkina Faso, leads these high-energy workshops focusing on the traditional rhythmic patterns and drumming traditions of West Africa. While reinforcing French language skills, Lula Afrique fosters cooperation, team work, and leadership in young learners.

Contact our Program Coordinator Marie Paule Jean Gilles at lulalabinfo(at)


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