Thursday - July 14th

Opening night at Lula Lounge 9 pm

Friday - July 15th


3:30 to 4:30 FREE After School Samba Reggae dance class



Saturday - July 16th 


6pm at BIG on Bloor

Toronto's BIGGEST Brazilian Percussion Parade

7:20pm performance with drummers and vocalists at BIG on Bloor



Sunday - July 17th 


2 pm at BIG on BLOOR 

Rhythms and History of Bahia Brazilian Percussion Workshop with Adriana Portela  and Mestre Memeu plus Dance Migration 


5pm - BIG on Bloor

Percussion Parade with Dance Migration  


6pm -  Samba Reggae Toronto Band featuring Lady Yetunde plus international guests Mestre Memeu, Adriana Portela, Mateus Vidal and Marcos Costa