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Through a constellation of mutually supportive initiatives, Lula Music and Arts Centre (LMAC) fosters a thriving community of Latin, Brazilian and global roots music, musicians and audiences in Toronto & beyond.


Through concerts, festivals, workshops, community outreach, cultural exchanges and artist development, as well as video and sound recordings released on the Lulaworld label, LMAC serves as an incubator for new projects, collaborations and approaches, encouraging musical excellence, experimentation and cross-cultural pollination.

Lula Music's home in Toronto is the colourful, eclectically elegant venue Lula Lounge, where pre-COVID, we presented 200 concerts annually in addition to an increasing number of special concerts across the city and across the country.


As one of only a handful of venues in the world presenting a roster of more than a dozen different full 10 to 16-piece salsa orchestras, each with their own distinct sound, compositions and vibe, more than 100 nights a year, Lula is proud to have an important part in the developing one of the most active and vibrant Tropical music scenes outside of Latin America.