GBE Samba Rhythm

Below you will find 4 videos explaining the various parts for the samba rhythm that Grand Bateria Express will play at Dundas West Fest on June 11th. The performance starts at Ossington and Dundas at 11 am. Dancers and drummers are asked to gather at 10:30am  in the Green P Parking lot just east of  Ossington.

To learn more about samba styles in Toronto, check out Batucada Carioca led by Maninho Costa and Samba Toronto led by Alan Hetherington. If you want to explore samba fused with soca, funk and Afro-Latin rhythms, you need to experience Samba Squad led by Rick Lazar (who also serves as artistic director of our Grand Bateria Express project). Also check out Bloco Loco and Samba Elegua. Each group has their own flavour and specialty!

Caixa and Surdo Patterns

Alfaia Pattern

The Bells, Shakers, and Repenique Patterns

Tamborim Patterns

The Samba Concept – all together now!

And here are two videos with updates for those playing in the 2016 performance at Dundas West Fest.

Watch the maracatu videos

Watch the soca videos

Watch the samba reggae videos