GBE Maracatu Rhythms


Below you will find 4 videos explaining the various patterns for the maracatu rhythm that Grand Bateria Express will play at Dundas West Fest on June 11th. The performance starts at Ossington and Dundas at 11 am. Dancers and drummers are asked to gather at 10:30am  in the Green P Parking lot just east of  Ossington.

If you want to learn more about maracatu drumming style in Toronto, check out Baque de Bamba led by Aline Morales and Maracatu Mar Aberto led by Alex Bordokas.

Caixa, Alafaia & Surdo Patterns

Bells, Shakers and Repenique Patterns

Tamborim Patterns

All the parts together for the Maracatu rhythm

Another perspective of the Maracatu rhythm


Watch the samba videos


Watch the soca videos 


Watch the samba reggae videos