Lula Music and Arts Centre (LMAC) aspires to nourish a thriving Canadian world music scene. With a focus on local world artists performing music of the Americas, LMAC fosters all expressions of Canadian world music. Through concerts, festivals, cultural exchanges, education and outreach as well as audience and professional development, LMAC supports musicians from diverse cultural backgrounds, encouraging artistic cross-pollinations and cross-cultural understanding. LMAC values collaboration, mutual respect in all partnerships, community development, inclusiveness, diversity, accessibility and artistic integrity.

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Board of Directors

Sylvia Draper Fernandez
Heike Raschl
Fernando de Sousa
Hugh Scher
Patricio Lahman
Magdelys Savigne
Lani Milstein



Tracy Jenkins, Co-Artistic & Executive Director
Jose Ortega, Artistic Director
Sofia Estepa and Olga Dominguez, Student Program Directors
Queenette Olu-Egbuniwe, Marketing Coordinator